I just wanted to write a note to tell you how much I like the Competition Sports Monitors that I purchased from you.

They are the best I have ever found. I have tried them all. Earbuds, several different types of speakers installed in my helmet, with and without an amplifier, with and without a full faring, and everything in between, (I've been riding for over 25 years).

I have used these new Competition Sports Monitors on an unfaired motorcycle at well above freeway speeds and have been able to hear audio books at normal speaking volume.

It is truly amazing.

Thank you,
Micheal Mosley


The X-Treme Hearing in ears are awesome! The clarity and comfort are second to none! I love the freedom of being able to sing in comfort and within hearing range anywhere in the building! It's important for me to hear everything from the bass and drums, to the guitars and keys clearly, no matter the frequency. After using these, I've come to trust them as my most essential tool for peak perfomances. I don't ever hit the stage without them!

Janelle Reinhart
Singer, Speaker, Entertainer!


PH 011 646 370 8609

“As the singer in a band, my hearing is extremely important to me. With so
much noise created on stage from all different directions, it can be hard to
hear anything with the clarity I need. At the same time I know my hearing
is at risk due to sustained high levels of sound. The In-Ear Monitors that
I received from X-treme Hearing have been great! They give me controlled,
high-definition sound while at the same time protect me from any damaging
sound levels on stage, exactly what I need.”

Adrian Robertson - DETOUR180


“Well, we have just finished a show up in Montreal, Canada and I used my new X-treme in ear monitors for the first time... Awesome, they were great. The most comfortable (in terms of sound) I have been on stage in a long time!! When you’re playing 3-4 shows a week it’s good to know that your hearing is being protected.”

Morgan Lawrence – DETOUR180


"As a musician, my ears are vital. Diversified Safety & Training has really given me the freedom to enjoy other activities in life that in the long run might damage my hearing. Peace of mind is priceless!"


" Joe, Shannon used her new Hi-Fidelity Musician's Monitors last night for the first time at our Christmas concert and she loved them. Can't wait to get mine".


"I recently purchased a pair of E.A.R. electronic Mini-Canals from Diversified Safety & Training, Inc. and it is great to be able to hear clearly again. They are comfortable, small enough to fit inside my ears without being very noticeable, and just what I needed to communicate more effectively at home or in my business. I recommend the mini-canals for anyone who needs hearing enhancement."
Gary Fisher, MS, CSP, PE


"I had the opportunity to use my specialized ear-mold earplugs for protection at the nightly concerts during GMA Week 2004. I could hear more clearly and could withstand the sound. I have also used them when flying. They are comfortable and cancel out the perfect amount of sound for me to gain the sleep or relaxation that I need."

Daniel White


"The ear protection that I purchased from Diversified Safety & Training has been one of the BEST investments I have ever made. Loud is synonymous with music and music is a HUGE part of both my professional and personal life. It only makes sense to protect my hearing. Music will always be a part of me but will my hearing be?? Now I can say yes. I feel very confident with my new state of the art hearing protection I can save and hopefully restore some of the hearing that I have lost doing what I love. The ear plugs are so comfortable, easy to maintain, and discreet I would recommend anyone involved in music or any louder activity to contact Diversified Safety & Training to see what type of hearing protection is best for them.

Hearing is a great sense, however we can use, abuse and loose that sense. Unless we do something to protect our hearing by contacting Diversified Safety & Training to purchase hearing protection. It's so simple and easy to get there is NO reason not to do it. It's your hearing, protect it!"
Sam Bailey,
Music Buyer, Concert Go-ER, Vocalist, Worship leader


"As a professional referee, I pull an average of 150,000 to 200,000 skeet targets a year and rely on my Magnum Ear Automatics to clearly understand the calls made from several different shooters I encounter. The comfort and consistency these units provide allows me to wear them all day long without having to take them out to converse with anyone around me."
Stormy Weatherford, Denton, TX.
Skeet/Sporting Clays Referee


"These are great! I can really hear what I want to hear and never worry again about gun shots that hurt my ears."
Dr. John R. Johnston, San Antonio


"Used for the first time hunting geese in Canada. "SoundScopes are very efficient. I could even wear a hat and stay warm. Ear muffs are a pain."
Steve W., Anderson, IN


Some Famous Ears:

Johnny Unser, Professional Racecar Driver
Louise Mandrell, singer
Tom Selleck, actor
Chuck Yeager, General USAF, retired
H. Norman Schwarzkopf, General, US Army, retired
Kimberly Rhodes,US Olympic Shooter, Gold Medal
Lones Wigger, U.S. Shooting Team coach
Ed Bowling, Champion Shooter

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